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About – Azeez Abiodun MD

Dr. Azeez Abiodun MD is one of the most reputed and respectable Medical Doctor who has always worships his work and has given his 19 years to the medical world. He has always kept his duty as priority for the betterment of humanity.


Azeez is a native of Lagos, Nigeria and has completed his primary education through Herbert Macaulay Primary School. Thus, due to the sudden death of his mother from the incurable disease cancer has really encouraged him to continue his further studies in medicine.


Also, Dr. Abiodun has participated in various non-profit medical missions to help the rural community in Nigeria. He has always believed that he has been grace by God and has born to serve the humanity and to help the people by curing their diseases.


Further, he has a very small and sweet family who has always supported and encouraged him to grow and rise in their field. Apart, Abiodun always try to maintain the equilibrium between his personal and his professional life.

 Azeez-Abiodun-MD  Azeez-Abiodun-MD

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